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Holy Trinity Primary School, Enniskillen

Board of Governors

  • Rt Rev. Monsignor Peter O’Reilly
  • Mrs Janette Mongan
  • Mr Marius Blake
  • Mrs Breda McElroy
  • Mr Des Crudden
  • Mrs Martha Smyth
  • Mr Brian Regan
  • Ms Jane Carney
  • Mr Connor Maguire

Board of Governors Annual Report 2014-2015

Board of Governors Annual Report 2014-2015


Holy Trinity Primary & Nursery School


This report covers the period from 1st September 2014 to the end of August 2015.


  • Rt Rev. Monsignor Peter O’Reilly Chairman, Child Protection, Trustee Nominee
  • Mr Connor Maguire Vice Chairman, Education Authority Nominee
  • Mrs Martha Smyth Trustee Nominee
  • Mrs Breda McElroy Education Authority Nominee
  • Mr Des Crudden Trustee Nominee
  • Mrs Mary Connolly Trustee Nominee
  • Mr Brian Regan Parent Nominee
  • Ms Jane Carney DENI Nominee
  • Mrs Janette Mongan Teacher Nominee


Mr F. Murphy Secretary (Non-voting member)

The four-year term of office of the Board listed above began in November 2014 and will be reconstituted for November 2018. At that time all parents in the school will be notified about the procedures for nomination and election of the parent representative on the Board.


The Governors are ultimately responsible for the overall management of the school. It is required to meet three times a year. Sub-committees also meet throughout the year.

Some of the responsibilities include:

  1. The delivery of the Northern Ireland Curriculum
  2. Staff Appointments
  3. Admissions Policy and Open Enrolment
  4. Self-Evaluation and School Development Planning
  5. Policy Review
  6. Budget Management
  7. Performance Review & Staff Development
  8. Promoting Positive Behaviour
  9. Salary Review
  10. Responding to Department of Education and WELB Initiatives
  11. Fostering links with the local community


During 2014/15 our enrolment was 692 (including Nursery)

Average daily attendance was 95.1%. This attendance is an increase on the previous year and a testament to the good work of staff and parents in insuring children attend school.


Staffing is dependent upon the number of pupils enrolled at the school.

TEACHING COMPLEMENT: Principal, two vice principals and 30 Teachers, including two Nursery teachers (see below).

ANCILLARY STAFF: Two secretaries, 2 Caretakers, 8 cleaners, 31 Classroom Assistants including those supporting children with Special Needs, 2 Nursery Classroom Assistants, and 10 Lunchtime Supervisory Assistants.


Key Stage 1

Key Stage 2

Support Teachers


P3 Teachers:

P5 Teachers:


•Mrs D Kane

•Mrs M McManus

•Mrs T Kelly

•Mr C Starrs

•Mrs C Bogue

•Mrs L Reihill

•Mrs G Gormley


•Mrs L Farley

•Mrs T McMenamin

ASD Unit

P1 Teachers:

Miss L Coyle

Miss T Quigley

Ms B. Corrigan

•Mrs A McCann


•Mrs M Jones

P4 Teachers:

P6 Teachers:

Learning Support

•Mrs O Doody

•Mrs C Greene

•Mrs K Cathcart

Mrs U Williams


•Mr P McElroy

•Mr P Devlin

Mrs D. Devine

P2 Teachers:

•Mrs M Donegan

•Mrs O Galligan

Ms S. O’Connor

•Mrs J Mongan


Miss L Drumm


P7 Teachers:


Mrs M Smith


•Mrs C Daly


•Mrs P McGirr


Mr P Morris


Principal: Mr F Murphy

Vice Principals: Mr B Treacy, Mr J Reihill

School begins at 9.00 a.m. and finishes at 2 p.m. (Yr 1 – 2)

School begins at 9.00 a.m. and finishes at 2.45p.m. (Yr 4 – 7)

School begins at 9.00 a.m. and finishes at 3p.m. (Yr 5 – 7)

The Governors very much appreciate the efforts of all members of staff in helping provide an environment in which our children can fulfil their potential. The high standards achieved by the pupils are a reflection of the excellent work from all our staff.



In-service training was once again a high priority for all our staff with a wide variety of courses attended. The five ‘Baker’ days and five Staff Development Days were used to plan and prepare for quality learning and teaching and to address specific issues identified in our School Development Plan.

Regular Staff, Senior Management and Co-ordinator/Year Head meetings ensured consistency of educational experiences for all children.

School Development Plan

The School Development plan features as a standing item on the agendas of Board of Governors’ meetings. It is a three year rolling School Development Plan. A new three year plan started in 2014 and will run until 2017. This was prepared with the help of staff, parents, pupils’ and governors questionnaires.

The areas of focus for 2014-15 were:

  • Mathematics – Practical maths
  • Literacy – Reading
  • Assessment - Marking for improvement
  • ICT – Developing the five E’s in ICT
  • The World Around Us – Thematic Planning

All staff received training in

  • Child Protection
  • Managing Challenging Behaviour
  • Mathletics
  • Accelerated Reading (I.C.T.)


Holy Trinity Primary School continued to provide a broad and balanced curriculum detailed in the Northern Ireland Curriculum. As well as the traditional areas of learning the focus for all our teaching is on the development of our children’s skills and level of understanding.

The skills that we aim to develop are:

Cross-Curricular Skills:

  • Communication
  • Using Mathematics
  • Using ICT

Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities:

  • Thinking, Problem Solving and Decision Making
  • Managing Information
  • Being Creative
  • Self-Management
  • Working with Others

The School continued to strive for high achievement and targets were set for pupil progress in Mathematics and Communication for all classes. Pupils continued to become more involved in their own learning, setting personal targets for




Extra-Curricular activities

Extra-Curricular activities continued with great success for pupils in Years 3 to 7.

Our After School Clubs from 1.45 – 4.00 p.m. were very popular. After school activities included: Computer Coding, Choir, Gaelic Football, Basketball, Soccer, Mathletics, Ju-Jitsu, Maths club and cycling proficiency.

The School Council proved to be an excellent help to our decision-making in school and another method by which the childrens views helped to shape the direction of the school.

The Book Fair visited the school with many parents supporting the school and especially their children through the purchase of books.

Our Health Education programme continues to go from strength to strength. Throughout 2014/2015, we continued to encourage children to bring healthy ‘breaks’ to school and emphasise the importance of eating fruit and drinking milk and water.


Community Relations were promoted throughout the year through various projects. The choir sang at a range of community events including; the Christmas Carol service, our dramatization of the Stations of the Cross on Good Friday in St Michaels Church, Old People’s homes, at the “Celebration of Praise” cross community event in October, in the South West Acute Hospital in December as well as a range of other parish events. Local business and community groups continue to provide their expertise to develop the children’s learning these included; the local post office, airport, fire station and medical professionals who all gave of their time to teach the children about their work. Holy Trinity continues to have close links with St Michaels Parish, Devenish Partnership Forum, Enniskillen Gaels and a variety of other community groups The school also raised funds for a number of community groups including Saint Vincent De Paul, Friends of the Cancer centre and Barnardo’s during the year. Pupils from Holy Trinity also took part in a number of events with other schools from across the community.


Assessment procedures are an integral part of the learning and teaching process in the school. Diagnostic, formative, summative and evaluative assessments are carried out to ensure that pupils are achieving their potential.

All Year 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 children completed standardised computer assessments in May 2015 and feedback was issued to parents in the June Parent report.


Primary Schools are required to assess pupils’ progress in English and Using Mathematics at the end of Key Stage 1 (Year 4) and Key Stage 2 (Year 7).

However due to industrial action not all schools submitted End of Key Stage levels and we cannot therefore compare results for 2014/15.


Mrs Williams continued as our Special Needs Co-ordinator. A large emphasis was placed on analysing all children’s progress in order to challenge underachievement and barriers to learning. Additional support has been offered to a wide variety of children through specific EA support programmes and through “in school” withdrawal for small group sessions. “In-school” support is provided by specific teachers and some of our highly skilled classroom assistants.

At Holy Trinity we support all our pupils in fulfilling their potential. All reasonable steps are taken to provide access to an education which provides them with this opportunity regardless of special educational need.

The Code of Practice consists of five stages. During the school year 2014-15 our school’s S.E.N. register consisted of two hundred and twenty children (32%)

All class teachers are responsible for the pupils with special needs within their class and Individual Education Plans were implemented for those children requiring them. Phonics, Reading Partnership and Accelerated reading programmes continued to support children with Reading difficulties. Children with Dyslexia and other difficulties are well supported in all classes: the school has continued to implement Dyslexia friendly strategies in classrooms where required. The ASD and Learning Support Centres provide additional support for pupils in the school. We continued to implement the SEN policy through the range of strategies outlined. A copy of the SEN policy is available in the school or on the school website at


The Board of Governors would like to acknowledge the vital contribution made by parents in

supporting their child’s education. Parents were invited to a variety of social, formal and informal occasions in the school throughout the year.

An Information Evening for P1 parents in October informed parents about the procedures in the new class, the curriculum for the incoming year and how best to support their child’s education.

Parents and pupils from Yr 1 – 7 met with teachers in November to discuss the pupil’s progress. Yr 1 parents also met teachers in October as part of the schools Transition Programme. Parents received a Pupil Profile, which was sent home in June.

Year 3 and 4 parents were invited to take part in Paired Reading and Year 2, 3, 4 and 5 parents were involved in Paired Mathematics. A range of “Family Nights” were organised throughout the year where families came to the school, had a meal together and then parents were given a presentation on some element of the children’s education while the children undertook fun practical activities. A Parent Paired reading programme was also organised during the year and a number of parents were invited into school to tell the children about their jobs.

Teachers were available to meet with parents any afternoon by appointment throughout the year and we are pleased that many parents availed of this opportunity.

We are most grateful to the parents who helped out on a voluntary basis both in the school



The School Choir sang at special events within school, as well as out in the Parish and community such as the “Celebration of Praise” concert in the Cathedral hall.

Every child in Primary 5 was provided with an instrument and tuition from EA throughout the year and the Musical Pathways to Learning programme was introduced to foundation stage pupils and proved a huge success.

We are also proud of our School Brass band which played at a number of events throughout the year and tin whistle tuition was provided in Key Stge1 for pupils as well as after school choir tuition in Key Stage 2, while all the P7 pupils had African Drum tuition in the third term. Mr O’Hare and Mr Swain continued to provide brass and woodwind tuition for pupils. The brass band played on a variety of occasions both in the school and in the community.


We continue to emphasise the enjoyment and health benefits of a wide variety of sport, dance, gymnastics, athletics and swimming.


Pupils from Years 5, 6 and 7 availed of swimming lessons at The Fermanagh Lakeland Forum. All of the children taking part enjoyed their swimming lessons with a large number achieving Swimming Awards. Our children also did very well in the Fermanagh schools’ Gala: some received individual medals.


The School Football Team took part in various competitions throughout the year. They represented the school and played extremely well in competitions at the Lakeland Forum, (runners-up) ‘The Bawnacre Blitz’ in Irvinestown (runners-up) and Fivemiletown College. (winners) We thank Mr Gilliland and Gareth McGuckin for all their work in this area.


In June, Year 4, 5, 6 and 7 participated in the County Fermanagh Cross-Country Championships at the Bawnacre. All children competed well with some being awarded medals for their success.

Cycling Proficiency

Pupils in Year Seven were awarded Cycling Proficiency Certificates after completing a six week course at the school on cycle safety.

Sports Day

In June we had our Sports Day which was very successful. The weather was favourable and all children took part. A large number of parents and friends came to support and enjoyed watching and also taking part in the events.


The school entered a range of competitions throughout the 2014-15 academic year with some of the highlights being the schools success in the Credit Union Quiz and the Primary Schools Gaa Quiz as well as winning the Fermanagh heat of the Eason’s Spelling Bee and numerous winners in different categories of Fermanagh Feis


In order to provide stimulation for learning across the curriculum classes took part in a range of educational visits. Some of the educational visits included:

Nursery – Castlecoole, Castle Island, several trips to Castle Archdale, and various walks around Enniskillen.

Year One – Walk around Enniskillen, Cinema (Christmas Outing)

Year Two – Enniskillen cinema, ‘Awareness Walk’ around Enniskillen, ‘Tickety Moo’, Oghill and a visit from Toy Museum at Enniskillen Castle

Year Three – Visit Enniskillen Post Office, visit to Florencecourt, Enniskillen Castle, Forthill.

Year Four –The Enniskillen library, Forthill Park, walk around Enniskillen

Year Five – A trip to Titanic Belfast, Enniskillen Library, Drumquin wind farm, trip to see the Ulster Orchestra

Year Six – Armagh Planetarium, Enniskillen Museum (in class/school) (Vikings).

Year Seven – Enniskillen museum, Victorian Christmas Crafts, Ulster American Folk Park, Manchester trip, Lough Derg retreat


Mrs S Maguire, the school nurse monitored pupils’ health throughout the year.

Teachers and Principals of the local Post Primary schools visited the transferring pupils in Year 7 in June and some lessons were taught to the children by teachers from the post primary schools as part of our transition programme

Our school chaplains continue to visit the school on a regular basis and a range of people from the local community visited to school using their skills and expertise to develop the children’s learning. We also had a range of story tellers, children’s charities, the W5 science team and other support services visiting the school throughout the year.


We would like to thank all our children, parents, family and friends for the fantastic amount of money raised during the last school year. This included

  • Donating 35 Christmas Hampers to Saint Vincent De Paul
  • Donating a cheque to Children in Need
  • Cheque donation to St Vincent De Paul
  • Cheque Donation to Action Cancer
  • Cheque donation to Barnardo’s



In the interests of keeping children safe, parents were asked to ensure that the class teachers were aware of any changes to the child’s end of day procedures. A new “Drop Off Zone” was put in place in the Mill Street Car park and proved very successful Evacuation procedures were carried out in school at least once per term and the fire safety procedures for the school were updated termly. The school continued to operate a door access system on both sites which will be upgraded next year. A range of procedures are in place to provide access to the school for pupils with disabilities including low level hand rails, the development of ramps, the provision of dedicated car parking spaces and the movement of classrooms to facilitate the needs of pupils. A number of new access arrangements are planned for the 2015/16 academic year. A fire safety access plan is in place for both sites and available in the school.



We would like to congratulate all the kitchen Staff on the standard and variety of food served each day to staff and pupils. We appreciate their willingness to join in with Healthy Eating themes and programmes throughout the school year. The children particularly enjoyed some ‘theme days’ that took place in the dinner halls.


Charging and Remissions Policy

In line with the requirements of the Northern Ireland Education Reform Order 1989, it is the policy of the Board of Governors to have a charging and remissions policy copies of which can be obtained in the school.


Nursery Unit

Co-ordinator: Mrs Deirdre Kane

Fifty two pupils attended Nursery between 9.00am – 1.15 pm. Children in the Nursery enjoyed a wide range of experiences, learning through play in a safe, stimulating and challenging environment. We are grateful to parents who helped in many ways in the Nursery throughout the year. The Nursery school are very grateful to everyone who supported their fundraising events throughout the year. The Nursery as always supported a number of charitable causes.

52 Children + 1 SEN Children

2 Teachers, 2 Nursery Assistants, 1 Special Needs Assistants.

Summary of Work undertaken 2014-2015

Focus on SEN

  • In October, using the ‘WellComm tool kit’ each child was screened for age appropriate language skills thus we were able to identify children at risk of having difficulty in developing language skills. We were able to plan and support those in need and referrals made to Speech and Language Dept.
  • We worked alongside the usual agencies SENCO, Education Psychology department and the Speech and Language department & W.E.S.T.

Focus on 3 DAY OPEN PLAN

We introduced opening the doors between the 2 classrooms on Tues, Wed & Thurs so that the children had opportunities to a wider range of activities.

We compiled an inventory of all resources in nursery.

Used inventory to devise Risk Assessment tick sheets, indoor & outdoor.

We needed to modify our planners to facilitate this arrangement.

This still needs further work to be more consistent on days when we may have children being upset in their own class.


  • Parents were invited to offer their help in a voluntary capacity and so undergo the vetting procedure. In this role they :
  1. They took charge of the Lending Library
  2. They came in to talk to the children about their jobs e.g. nurse, fire-fighter & hairdresser.
  • We set up a Parent Lending Library.
  • Parent Teacher meetings took place in November.
  • Parents received Monthly Newsletters.
  • Parent Notice board in foyer updated regularly
  • Regular information leaflets were given on early years issues e.g. dump the dummy, bedtime routines, positive discipline etc.
  • Parents invited to Nativity plays in each class at Christmas
  • We invited Grandparents to come in for tea & biscuits on Grandparents Day in February.
  • New Parents Induction Night -June


All nursery staff attended training on Child Protection, Epipen & Epilepsy.

Nursery Assistants on First Aid, Health & Hygiene

Deirdre Kane- Designated Child Protection Teacher WELB

Reviewed Fire Drill Procedure


Autumn Walk in Castlecoole

Woodland School Castle Archdale-

October 1st visit,

December feeding reindeer, decorating forest tree, dummy tree,

February Season changes

March- Easter Egg Hunt

June- Final visit



Class Act Drama- 6 sessions on Pirate Theme- Jan/Feb

Jo Jingles- 6 sessions- May/June

Postman collecting their Santa letters -Dec

Police Officer on Stranger Danger- Feb

Paramedic with ambulance- March

Continued focus on Outside Play


Children visited their P1 classrooms and met their teacher .


Financial Statement 

Holy Trinity LMS Account

1st April 2013 - 30th March 2014


Budget Share




Staff Costs









Supplies & Services






Office Supplies






End of Year Position





This completes our Governors’ Report for the 2014/15 school year. As you can see, Holy Trinity Primary School has a lot to celebrate and remember in the course of one year. We are extremely proud of the achievements of all of our children and we would like to thank all of our parents for your on-going support. If you require a further copy of this report it is available from the school office or on the school website.