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Holy Trinity Primary School, Enniskillen

Mrs O'Connors class have been learning to cook

13th Feb 2018

Over the past ten weeks Mrs O’Connor’s class have been completing a “Cooking 4 Life Programme”.  They have been learning how to cook eggs, pasta, potatoes, cupcakes, toasties, pizza, grill and fry bacon and sausages and will make apple crumble and Easter nests.

Every week the children write a list of the ingredients needed for the food they are making and then estimate the cost of each item. They then walk to the shop to purchase the ingredients.  When they get back they compare their estimate with the actual price of each item. The children write a list weekly of the utensils needed to make the food and most importantly the children are learning how to use a cooker and other heat elements safely.

The class are really enjoying the cooking programme, especially as they get to eat what they have made..